Brandient rebranded Siveco

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Brandient rebranded Siveco (one of the most successful software integrators from Central and Eastern Europe—with a strong focus on large scale Business-to-Public and high value added consultancy projects—very active across the European Community, The Middle East, North Africa and CIS area) and did so in order to underline its new international brand stature.

Following a comprehensive brand audit, Brandient came up with a new brand platform and a repositioning of the brand, with the entire Business-to-Public effort undertook by Siveco redefined under the flexible slogan Project: Progress.

Brandient’s design strategy was to build a functional and visually engaging identity, able to increase the level of energy and positive emotions within the organization, to define a differentiated and memorable territory, and to project an upgraded image. It focused on leveraging the project teams identities pertaining to the various lines of business by building LOB-specific visual identifiers within a common visual language—while preserving the corporate, equity-charged core identity elements (logo and corporate color).

We put to good use Brandient’s capacity to understand and design complex identity systems for leading enterprises active in high-technology markets. The amplitude of this project—addressing almost all facets of such an advanced brand architecture—was a heavyweight challenge, while the solid outcome is a reward in its own.

Cristian Kit Paul

Creative Partner Brandient

The new identity was further deployed to a design system for all corporate and product literature, all digital manifestations of the brand, the advertising platform, and the engagement program under the label “Project: Pride”, incorporating employees engagement sessions and internal communications support.

Romanian brands enter a new stage of transition–from local entrepreneurial brands, to international corporate brands– and Brandient is keeping close to those who do that with courage and vision. The international success of the Romanian IT integrator Siveco proves competitive advantages of a global nature, and consequently underpins a ‘soft power’ platform for Romanian national competitiveness.

Aneta Bogdan MBA FCIM

Managing Partner Brandient