Tempo signs the 1st BCR campaign targeting the business segment


Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) launched, together with Tempo Advertising, the 1st image campaign to position the bank on IMM (small and medium entreprises)-entrepreneurs segment.

The campaign is centered on the TV ad “The button” and is also declined in print, online and on video-walls in Bucharest. Through this communication campaign, BCR aims to show its support for entrepreneurs and small and business enterprises in Romania.

The creative idea of the ad started from BCR’s desire to show, through an image campaign, the relations between small and medium businesses and their cumulative effort to attract the desired success.

The digital component is based on a personalized communication with each industry and category of companies, with visitors directed, through Google AdWords, to tens of versions of product’s presentation pages, with adapted messages.

Any bank can say “We support your business”. But only a big bank, such BCR is, can say “We have the power to support all businesses”. This will be the institution’s statement: we support the entire business community in Romania. The truth behind the TV execution is a simple one: in business, any thing, as small, is made with collective efforts. We chose to demonstrate that with a button, because it is one of the small things we are overseeing easily (especially during sleepy mornings), not to even talk about thinking how buttons are made

Costin Milu

Creative Director Tempo Advertising

BCR is the most powerful bank and can really support the entrepreneurial sector in Romania. We have in this moment over a third of the total market share on the micro-businesses and IMMs sector, and that is why the bcrclubantreprenori.ro portal has an important potential to generate results in the real economy. We started this image campaign to underline our total support for the entrepreneur clients and, in the same time, to create as many interaction possibilities through the portal

Daniel Pana

Executive Director, Marketing Direction, BCR

The TV ad was filmed together with Saga Film, with Babak Goodarzi (UK) – director, while the photo session for print materials was made together with Carioca.

From BCR, the team involved in the project included Daniel Pana – Director Executiv Marketing Direction, Georgiana Oltenescu – Head of Advertising and Alina Camelia Petcu – Marketing Specialist.

Tempo Advertising team included Costin Milu – Creative Director, Ilinca Strajan – Account Manager, Alina Medaru – Account Supervisor, Dan Costea – Art Director, Alina Rosioreanu – Copywriter and Ilinca Nanoveanu – A/V Producer.

Tempo Advertising is on Romanian market for over 15 years and has a portfolio that includes over 40 brands from most visible and challenging sectors: FMCG, finance-banking, telecom, media, retail, pharma and tech.