Biz & Unlock released 2012 edition of Top 50 Fascinating Brands in Romania


Romanian Biz Magazine and Unlock Market research released 2012 edition of Top 50 Fascinating Brands in Romania, this being the 2nd year since this top was launched.

The top includes the brands that are fascinating Romanians and confirms the fact that the emotional ties between a brand and a consumer is essential.

The brands leading the rankings for 2021 are Ferrari, Jack Daniel’s, Axe, Durex, Stella Artois, Heineken, Harley-Davidson, Rom, Porsche and Zara.

Unlock tried to see how Romanians are defining fascination for a brand and found out that this includes, cumulatively, 6 factors: provocative (21.5%), responsibility (26.7%), originality (19.8%), power (16.4%), liberty (11.7%) and charisma (4%).

As shown in the research, the top of powerful brands include Ferrari, Jack Daniel’s, Coca-Cola, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Milka and Apple/iPhone, while the brands perceived as responsible are H&M, MTV, YouTube, Red Bull and Facebook.

Original brands are considered to be Ferrari, Porsche, Rom, Yamaha, Durex, Jack Daniel’s, Radio Guerrilla, Harley- Davidson and Discovery, while the free brands are Jack Daniel’s, Axe, Red Bull, Dove, Durex, Facebook, Zara, Harley-Davidson. When it comes about charisma, Jack Daniel’s is on top, with Ferrari, Puma, Stella Artois, Zara, Harley-Davidson, Porsche, L’Oréal, Apple/iPhone following. Provocative are Harley- Davidson, Durex, Red Bull and Oreo.

The 2012 edition of the top was made by Unlock Research with help from 600 respondents living in urban areas, that were interviewed telephonically.