Interpublic enters Romania with the newest global media network, BPN

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IPG Mediabrands announced the launch of the 3rd media agency in Romania, BPN (Brand Programming Network), with Romanian Brand Connection – media agency part of Lowe Group Romania and with 8 years of experience on local market – becoming BPN starting with July 19th.

The company will be headed by Ileana Tomescu, as Managing Partner. BPN  will operate on the local market under the umbrella of Lowe Group, coordinated by Veronica Savanciuc, president & CEO Lowe Romania.

BPN is a forward-thinking global media agency focused on programming insights, including social data insights, to drive effective media decisions and business results. The new agency offers small agency attention along with large agency advantages. Aside from having access to all the global tools and resources of IPG Mediabrands, Brand Programming Network will be uniquely positioned to offer highly differentiated services.

IPG Mediabrands, the media agency holding group from IPG is currently a leading international network with with strong local presence in the Romanian market. With the launch of BPN in Romania, IPG Mediabrands introduces a new media agency approach and business model, specially designed for the ever-evolving media landscape.

It was a strategic decision to launch BPN; a decision which was driven by the latest market developments. Our experience gained over the past two years has shown that there is enough business out there for a third agency to be born. The second reason is strongly related to the social media explosion and the growing power of digital, the highlights that completely redefined the media landscape

Jose Antonio Espinoza

President International BPN.

BPN has plans to launch in 20 countries around 5 continents by the end of this year. Romania is the 4th market after India, Denmark and Poland.

We have really big plans for BPN Romania. Starting today, our agency is part of a powerful global network, and this means plenty of advantages: access to the global know-how of our colleagues, more global analytic tools and a valuable exchange of ideas. All these benefits we plan to share with our clients through our services

Veronica Savanciuc

President & CEO Lowe Group

Aside from having access to all the global tools and resources of IPG Mediabrands, BPN will be uniquely positioned to offer highly differentiated services in addition to the many special competencies of the other agencies within IPG, Initiative and Universal Media. The new model, called Brand Programming, revolves around the word “programming” and aims to bring clients an integrated brand programming strategy by drawing upon all marketing disciplines. By programming the brand, the purpose is to get closer to the brand, using social media as a key source of information, and in the end, to connect those specific brands with the right audiences.

BPN is a flexible, creative agency that combines traditional and digital media to find the best media vehicles that will increase brand visibility. By going beyond ‘planning ‘, we will be ‘programming the brand’, so that we will be able to see, in real time, what consumers say and think about the brand and consequently tailor the most efficient investment strategy for our clients

Ileana Tomescu

Managing Partner BPN Romania.

Brand Programming Network (BPN), is a new planning and media buying agency from the IPG Mediabrands network, operating under IPG Mediabrands’ Orion Holdings unit. The mission of the Brand Programming Network agency model is to drive business results for our clients by making effective media decisions and efficient investments. Brand Programming Network currently has offices in 17 countries including the United States, and begins operations with over 250 clients.

Lowe Group is one of the most powerful marketing communication networks groups in Romania. The other agencies in the group are Lowe&Partners (advertising), Initiative (media), HyperActive (digital), GolinHarris (PR), Medic One (healthcare communication) and Mobile Works (mobile marketing).

Lowe Group was established in 1993 and since then, it has expanded its area of expertise, covering the entire spectrum of marketing services. Lowe Group has a team of over 150 employees in Romania.

Ever since 1995, Interpublic Group of Co’s has been shareholder in the group. Among the most important clients are: Bergenbier S.A, BMW, Crucea Roșie Română, Electrolux, Ferrero, Johnson&Johnson, Praktiker, Orange, Unilever.