“Pepsi. Today, the same as yesterday” is back, with the same “taste”

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Pepsi continues to communicate the platform “Pepsi-Cola. Today, the same as Yesterday” and, same like last year, it speaks about the things that make happy young people from today and young people from yesterday. This time, the visuals of the campaign are more focused on present young people, establishing a conversation between generations.

The characters in each story are communicating among them, sharing the taste for “underground combinations”, getting crazy on 2 wheels” and so on.

Developed together with Graffiti BBDO, the campaign will run during the entire summer, with the main communication medium being the Pepsi-Cola bottle. Bottles in limited edition will be available in restaurants and on terraces, mainly at the seaside, the number of bottles being triple compared to last year.

In 2012’s campaign, we brought more of “today” in our visuals, we involved more the present young people. If, in 2011, we showed them what made young people happy back in the days, this year we wanted to start a conversation between past and present. The common element of the 2 generations is the Pepsi-Cola bottle, the 1st cola taste in Romania. That is why we kept the bottle and the same message. “Pepsi. Today, the same as Yesterday” will be a recurring campaign, in cycles, because is part of an agenda aiming to build the romantic side of the brand. It is a campaign that will keep be rolled on as long as Romanians will resonate with it.

Calin Clej

Marketing Manager Beverages PepsiCo Romania

The campaign will be promoted OOH in the main Romanian cities, including on public transport cars. The campaign  includes a TV ad and is also present in social media, through an app available on Pepsi Romania‘s Facebook page.

The TV ad was conceived as a short time travel for Pepsi-Cola brand, a parallel between the past and the present, made in an authentic Romanian way. The song used as soundtrack is sang by Maria Radu and is a remix after a song by Aurelian Andreescu.

BBDO’s team working on this project included Dragos Radulescu – Creative Director, Andreea Golban – Senior Copywriter, Cristina Panaitescu – Art Director, George Popa – Art Director, Alecsandra Roman – Strategic Planner, Lavinia Florea – Account Director, Luiza Vrinceanu – Account Manager, Roxana Niculae – Account Executive, Liviu Isop – Head of AV Production, Sever Petrovici – AV Production and Dan Spataru – Head of DTP.

The FB app was developed by Xplain and allows fans to create their own Pepsi-Cola poster, integrating personal photos in the visuals used in campaign. Xplain team that developed the app included  Stefanos Karagos – Social Media Strategist, George Sokianos – Head of Development Team, Anca Morega – Social Media Workflow, Roxana Adam – Social Media UX and Oana Grasu – Social Media Analyst.