Romanian Olympic winners, awarded by Renault Romania

Marketing, PR

Renault Romania, that supported Romanian athletes at London Olympics, awarded the ones that came home with medals, by awarding them 16 cars for the 9 medals obtained individually and on teams.

The awards were given during a ceremony organized on August 14th, during which Romanian athletes received the keys for the Renault car they won: Latitude, Mégane or Twingo, depending on medal’s color.

Receiving honors and a car from Renault Romania were Sandra Izbașa (Gold, gymnastics), Alin Moldoveanu (Gold, shooting), Alina Dumitru (Silver, judo), Corina Căprioriu (Silver, judo), Roxana Cocoș (Silver, Weightlifting), Rares Dumitrescu (Silver per team, spade), Alexandru Siriteanu (Silver per team, spade), Florin Zalomir (Silver per team, spade), Tiberiu Dolniceanu (Silver per team, spade), Catalina Ponor (Silver, gymnastics), Catalina Ponor (Bronze per team, gymnastics), Sandra Izbasa (Bronze per team, gymnastics), Diana Chelaru (Bronze per team, gymnastics), Diana Bulimar (Bronze per team, gymnastics), Larisa Iordache (Bronze per team, gymnastics), Razvan Martin (Bronze, weoghtlifting).

Romanian Olympic Gold winners received from Renault Romania a Renault Latitude each, Silver winners received Renault Mégane Olympic cars, while Bronze winners got a Twingo each. The athletes that won Silver and Bronze with their teams each received a Renault Twingo.  This way, some of the athletes – that got medals both individually and with their team – got 2 cars each.

We are proud with the results of Romanian delegation at London Olympics and we are very happy that, due to our partnership with Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR), we can award Romanian athletes. We hope that the new Renault cars will bring Romanian Olympics a lot of joy, as they deserve it for the efforts they made

Thomas Dubruel

General Manager Renault Commercial Romania

We thank all that were close to Romanian athletes and made possible their participation to the highest level sports competition, Olympic Games. COSR is honored by the partnership with Renault Romania and we thank them for their involvement, support and offering really valuable prizes to our athletes: a car for each medal they got. We are sure that, also for them, it will be a great joy to see their efforts awarded in a concrete way. Moreover, we want to thank Renault for supporting and promoting Olympic values among ordinaru people, that comes as a normal continuation of COSR activity

Octavian Morariu

COSR President 

The same gala marked also the end of the national campaign “Renault seeks for 100 ambassadors of the Olympic values“. Therefor, after the festive moment dedicated to the Romanian Olympic winners, the ambassadors of the Olympic values identified by Renault during the campaign were awarded also.