Romanian State TV closes TVR Info and TVR Cultural


Romanian State TV (SRTV) decided to close TVR Info – that already ceased broadcasting, on August 15th – and TVR Cultural – to close and its mission to be continued by TVR 2 and  TVR 3. The decision to close the 2 channels was adopted as part of an economic recovery plan for Romanian State TV, adopted by its Management Board.

SRTV’s economic recovery plan also modifies SRTV’s structure, considered too complicated and involving unjustified costs. As part of the plan, the board came up with a new structure, 5 directions and 10 departments, each with the adequate services and bureaus.

Besides closing TVR Info and TVR Cultural, the plan also sees News Direction taking over TVR Interactive’s mission. Also, according to,, which was launched in May, could be renamed and transform in (TVR news – n.r.)

TVR2 will take over TVR Cultural’s mission, under the name TVR 2 Cultural, and will aim to be an alternative to generalist offer of TVR1, focusing on culture and education.

The decisions related to SRTV’s channels and directions are part of a plan that aims to make possible for the company to pay its over Euro 140M debt in 7.5 years without accumulating, during the mentioned period, other debts.

According to Mediafax, SRTV also intends to reduce its employees number, following negotiations. Also, SRTV aims to reduce costs by renegotiating the contracts it has in all sectors.

Also, SRTV will cease all acquisitions from its own funds, excepting the contractual obligations and special situation, strictly motivated.

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