GfK Temax: Smartphones and tablets, still on Romanians buying list

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Smartphones and tablets continue to be on Romanians buying lists, according to GfK Temax study, that shows an overall descendant trend on the Romanian long usage goods market, with Q2 2012 down 2.5% compared to the same period of 2011.

The only sector that registered a 2 digits growth – 19.2% – was photo, while electronics and telecom posted a slight growth and IT and printers sectors registered diminished sales.

Photo sector registered increased sales as the summer sales were very good, with Euro 12M in Q2 from digital cameras and photo frames sales.

Within electronics sector, the sales increased, in Q2, by 3%, to Euro 58M, with significant sales increases for flat screens. The sales increase was supported with promotions, especially promotions related to specific events, such as the European Football Championship.

Mobile phones and smartphones had slightly higher sales in Q2, to Euro 43M. Smartphones are preferred by consumers and manage to keep on an ascending trend telecom sector.

Among smartphones, the consumers’ preferences go towards the ones working on Android OS, with higher than 5.5MP resolution photo camera and tactile screen. The old fashioned mobiles, although with a diminished market quota, continue to be dominant on Romanian telecom market.

When it comes of IT, monitors and desktop computers posted decreases of 2 digits in sales, laptops maintained the sales level, while periferics posted slight higher sales. Tablets, a product at the border between IT and Telecom, managed to maintain the balance on this market, due to the advantages offered to the consumer: mobility, flexibility and a friendly interface.