G2 Romania and Absolut bet on unconventional at AdFel


Absolut Vodka and G2 Romania transformed conventional in exceptional during the branded entertainment event organized during AdFel on August 16th. Absolut showed that it can accelerate creativity even in music, transforming ordinary people in genius composers.

To become Absolut Composers, the participants at the event used a special place in front of a concert stage, while Absolut Orchestra (13 musicians dressed in white) were interpreting different musical pieces only when the lights on top of them were lighten. The “composer” used a set of buttons with the Absolut Vodka letters, with each corresponding to one of the musicians on the stage.

With people getting the courage to come show their talent, the evening included in total 20 compositions, mending sounds of violin, viola, cello, trumpet or flute. At the end of each audition, the composers received their video on a stick and were invited to celebrate their success with Absolut cocktails.

Another non-conventional activation of the brand, Absolut People Mixer, helped participants to know new people in a simple and pleasant way, without looking the entire night for the best line or context. The first 100 people that checked-in in Absolut ADfel received Absolut Mix tshirts with their favorite color. They could use combination of 3 colors and go to the bar to receive cocktails in the colors they wore and, afterwards, made photos to remember the ADfel-Absolut mixed cocktail.

All the Absolut evening, in images and videos, is available on brand’s Facebook page

G2 Romania team that handled the project included Mihai Fetcu – Creative Director, Ana Militaru – Digital Copywriter, Bogdan Teodorescu – Senior Art Director / Digital, Mihaela Bourceanu – Account Director, Florentina Ciocanea – BTL Senior Account Manager and Ionelia Craciun – Account Executive. From the client (Pernod-Ricard), in the project were involved Nicoleta Dumitrascu – Brand Manager Absolut and Dumitru Titica – Marketing Director Pernod-Ricard. The project also saw involvement from Frontline Marketing, through Mihai Stroi – Project Manager.

G2 Romania (WPP) is an advertising agency that offers its clients integrated communication services. Among the company in G2’s portfolio, there are Vodafone, British American Tobacco, Procter&Gamble, Bancpost, Primola, Absolut Vodka, Titan Loulis, Chevrolet, Opel, GlaxoSmithKline, New Yorker, Rosal and DaKino.