Cupcakes for Tesco, made by Red Brick Road & NATL


London-based agency The Red Brick Road and  NATL directors through Not To Scale created all TV and print assets fr the recent high-profile Tesco Mobile.

According to NATL creative directors Chris Dooley and David Chun, the clients wanted to use the process of baking a cupcake as a metaphor to highlight their latest offers.  After exploring several design approaches, NATL’s artists modeled a 3D cupcake in Autodesk Maya and hand-drew the cel animation in Adobe Flash, then painstakingly composited the elements together using Adobe After Effects.  The content was broadcast throughout the UK during the London Olympics, and NATL’s imagery also appeared widely in billboards and posters.


Tesco Mobile “Cupcake”

Project Name:  Tesco Mobile “Cupcake”
Running Time:  :20
Main Toolset: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects.

Client: Tesco Mobile

Ad Agency: The Red Brick Road
Agency Producer: Miles Nathan

Production Company: Not To Scale
Directors: NATL (Chris Dooley and David Chun)
Executive Producer: Jared Libitsky
VFX Supervisor: Ollie Nash
Producer: Zach Wakefield
Technical Director: Kevin Walker
Designers: Chris Dooley, David Chun, Morgan Schweitzer
2D/3D Animators: Stacie Plassche, Kendra Ryan, Jeni Wamberg
Cell Animator: Kendra Ryan, Aleth Romanillos

Music: Nick Webb