Realitatea TV – new restructuring; half employees to be let off during the process


Realitatea TV will undergo a new restructuring process, with only 300 of the total 630 employees to remain in TV station’s team, Gabriel Bugnar, the new General Manager of Realitatea TV, said for Mediafax.

The statement was made by Bugnar after the 1st meeting with employees since he took over the position as General Manager. During the meeting, he informed them that he had to come up with a restructuring plan that sees the number of employees reducing by half.

Regarding to how was made the decision on number of employees to be kept, Bugnar said that 300 is the ideal number established by other news TV stations. He didn’t mention how long the new restructuring will take

Gabriel Bugnar was recently appointed General Manager at Realitatea TV, an appointment announced by the special administrator of the TV station, Florin Bercea, as wrote.

Butnar said at that moment, for Paginademedia, that his main attribution is to chill down the spirits, to convince some colleagues to stay and convince other people to make some due payments. About the 174 employees that worked for Realitatea and didn’t got their payments, Bugnar said he wants to keep the ones “with specialized jobs” that he considers “valuable and vital for TV”.