Google invites Romanian pupils to draw a Doodle for Romania's national day

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Google launched “Doodle 4 Google” competition, a national contest through which invites children to make a draw on “My Romania is..” theme, with the winning project to be posted on Google's start page on December 1st, Romania's National Day.

The creative competition targets children aged 6-14 years old that are attending primary or secondary classes in Romanian schools.

The winning drawing will appear on Google Romania's start page on December 1st and the winner will receive a RON 15,000 prize (@ Euro 3,000). Other 10 finalists will receive tablets as awards. Also, the schools where the first 5 contest ranked kids are learning will receive each a tech scholarship worth RON 20,000 (@ EURO 4,000).

The children can be entered into the competition by their parents, teachers or professors, respecting the rule of 1 drawing entered for each kid. The drawings can be send by post or email, together with the entry form available on The deadline for entering the competition is October 15th.

In the 1st stage, Google Romania will select the nicest 250 works entered in the competition. The jury of the contest will than chose the most representative 30 drawings. From those, the 10 finalists will be chosen through public vote on the website Doodle 4 Google Romania, and the drawing with most votes in the contest will be designated winner.

Public vote will take place between November 8-27, on competition's website.

The jury of Doodle 4 Google Romania competition includes personalities from arts, media and education sectors: Andreea Esca, Nicolae Alexi, Adrian Botan, Adrian Braescu, Medeea Marinescu, Ioan T. Morar and Catalin Stefanescu. The jury will also include Sophia Foster-Dimino, member in the team that handles Google's redraw for anniversaries Google is celebrating on international and local level.

The contest takes place under Education Ministry patronage, with support from TVR.

Similar contests to decorate Google page for special occasions were organized in over 30 countries, with Romania being at the 1st edition this year.

Doodle-s are occasional representations of the logo posted on Google's 1st page and accompanied, over the years, all online searches made by Google users in the entire world.

Google is changing its logo occasionally to celebrate a certain major event or a personality that changed the world. Among the most recent logo's dedicated to Romania there were  Constantin Brancusi, George Enescu, I.L. Caragiale, Sergiu Celibidache, Martisor or Romania's National Day.

In 1998, Google's founders, Larry Page and Serghei Brin, participated to Burning Man festival in Nevada desert. Because they wanted to announce their users they will be away during that period of time, they added festival's emblem behind Google's logo, creating the 1st Doodle. The idea to decorate company's logo for special events was well received and, 2 years later, a special Doodle Google team was created. Since than, Google created over 1,000 logos for Google's start pages all over the world.


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