Ernst&Young: Consumers prefer immediate benefits instead of loyalization programs

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According to Ernst&Young Customer Barometer 2011, clients do not reach anymore to traditional loyalization programs but, instead, ask for immediate and customized benefits. The study also shows that services such as guarantee, availability, tech assistance and company's assistance when buying products are most wanted that future benefits that can be offered post-sales.

According to Ernst&Young study, loyalization programs got 6.1 points on a 10 points scale, with guarantee and availability getting 7.2 points.

On October 31st, Ron Kaufman will be present in Bucharest for an event, “Service Leadership Workshop – How to create value and differentiate through superior services”. Kaufman, that will be in Romania for the 1st time, is expert in transforming organizations through superior services, an advanced way to interact, win and loyalize clients.

Customer Barometer 2011 is a study made by Ernst&Young that presents changes in consumers' habits in order to offer companies solutions to monetize the new trends. The study gathered opinions from almost 25,000 people in 34 markets.