Robot Chorus for Citroen


Over the years, Citroën has utilized the robot in many of its campaigns, and this new spot, “Robots Chorus”, is a celebration of the Citroën automobile through song and robot. It was created by Agence H Paris and the 80s Live Aid inspired robots chorus created by Vancouver-based The Embassy

For the spot, The Embassy handled all production and post-production from start to finish. Like the iconic “We Are the World”, this spot is deliberately shot with minimal production design in order to make the concept feel more believable.

The tendency with VFX driven work is to make it as glossy and polished as possible, which often makes it look more fake (…) This is often reflected in the colour grade as well. Overall, we deliberately embraced the imperfections, which in the end added an extra layer of authenticity.

Winston Helgason,

President The Embassy.


Citroën: “Robots Chorus”

Client: Citroën
Jean-Marc Savigné
Johann Varin
Alexandra Wettling

Agency: Agence H – Paris
Agency Producer: Christopher Thiery
Agency Producer: Julie Malet
Creative Director: Gilbert Scher
Art director: Luca Cinquepalmi
Art Director: Marco Venturelli
Copyrighter: Gilbert Scher

Production Company: The Embassy
Director: The Embassy
Executive Producer: Winston Helgason
Producer: Ted Herman
Director of Photography: Todd Duym

Editor: Matthew Griffiths
Editorial Company: Cycle Media

Sound Production: Startrec (musique)/Kouz Production
Music Supervisor: Lional Dray
Composers: Alex Jaffray & Gilles Facérias
Author: Gilbert Scher

VFX Production: The Embassy