Senior Interactive got Outstanding Accolades at WebAward

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Senior Interactive received a trophy at WebAward, being awarded for History of communism website, according to info from, agency's blog and competition's winners database.

According to agency's blog, the website History of Communism was designated Outstanding Website at WebAward.

The team working on the project included Vasile Alboiu – Creative Director, Miruna Dumitrescu – Copywriter, Alina Ciocarlie – Copywriter, Dan Oprea – designer, Ximena Dragusin – Client Service Director, Razvan Albu – Project Manager, Teo Onicel, Ion Tabirca, Stefan Zibilianu, Alex Vaduva and Valentin Vasilescu – programmers, together with Saga Film for the video part. writes that the idea of the project came after researches made by Soros Foundation which showed 38% of Romanian adolescents think the communist period was better than the contemporary one and many people born after 1989 don't know a lot about that period. History of Communism project aimed to change general perception on the years spent under communist regime, recreating a home where the phone is taped, a picture with the president presides the bookshelf and, with a bit of luck, you can catch some glimpses of programs from Radio Free Romania. The users were able to interact with each of the objects, transporting themselves for a few minutes into the communist era, from where they could sign out any time they wanted to.

Senior Interactive is at its 4th accolade at WebAward, after receiving 3 trophies at previous editions.


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