Lowe Vibe, Lowe&Partners and Beck’s dare the public to be part of a new adventure

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Romanian agencies Lowe Vibe and Lowe&Partners, together with Beck’s, launched a new campaign that challenges the public to get involved in a new adventure, with the chance to win a trip around the world.

Beck’s will offer its fans 3 trips around the world, to 3 destinations of choice in 3 continents (Europe, Asia and South America). This way, “Win your own adventure” becomes an experience for all adrenaline hunters, but also for the people that dream of a retreat far away.

“Win your own adventure” is an extraordinary campaign, that speaks about Back’s brand values – adventure, creativity, free spirit – and illustrates in an authentic way the brand message, “Follow your inner compass”. We wanted to bring our consumers even closer to those values. And, as a simple holiday wouldn’t have been enough, we decided to offer them surprises, life experiences, to make them part of the true essence of Beck’s values

Beck’s representatives.

Agency’s team went even further than the simple promotion brief and came up with an unconventional concept: a customized itinerary that allows the winner to choose among 18 possible destinations. The trip starts in Europe – from Paris, London or Amsterdam – and continues in Asia and South America. The winner will have to choose among places like Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Punta Cana or Mexico City so that, in the end, he/she will have visited 3 destinations in 3 continents in only 12 days.

The moment we see client’s brief, the challenge was very clear: how do you do special something everybody does, for years, in different ways? Well, I’d say, without false modesty, that we managed to do that. For sure, the main advantage came from the very DNA of Beck’s brand, with its “follow your inner compass”, and from here there were just one more step. That is how we got to the surprise element – gradually unveil the destinations – that makes the entire adventure even more attractive. My only regret is that I cannot participate

Alexandru Tarog

BTL Manager Lowe Vibe.

Consumers can enter the promotion by sending the unique code under Beck’s caps through SMS, at 1893, or on www.beck’s.ro . Besides the big prize, participants can also win tens of photo cameras and thousands Beck’s six can-packs.

The campaign runs between September 17th – November 9th and will be declined on TV, radio, on line, POSM, mobile.

HyperActive developed campaign’s dedicated micro-site, that allows entering the contest by introducing packaging codes, and also a Facebook app, “Discover the world with Beck’s”. Anyone that loads the app can travel around the world in the future; the app simulates the experiences as they were already lived in promotion’s locations, on user’s wall.

At its turn, Mobile Works team came up with a special app for smartphones, already available in Appstore, that explains step by step entire campaign’s mechanism by simply scanning the promotional packaging. Moreover, the app offers a 360 degrees experience around the world.

The teams working on the campaign included:

  • Beck’s: Ecaterina Bordei – Brand Manager International Premium Brands, Anca Stoica- Junior Brand Manager International Premium Brands
  • Lowe&Partners: Corina Angearu – Account Manager, Alexandru Micu – Senior Art Director
  • Lowe Vibe: Alexandru Tarog, BTL Manager
  • HyperActive: Alexandra Trofin – Account Manager, Mihaela Nachi – Account Executive, Mihai Caluseriu – Art Director, Andrei Fodolică – Copywriter, Irimia Suleapa – Development Team Leader, Robert Sumarocov – Flash Developer
  • Mobile Works: Alex Putineanu – Managing Director, Andreea Daniel – Account Manager, Roxana Sirghie – Account Executive, Vlad Hera – Senior Account Executive