IKEA Romania uses short theater acts to encourage people to feel at home in its store


IKEA Romania launched a bloggers campaign to promote 2013 catalog but it didn’t limited to that. To make people feel at home in its store and actually feel how the products would match their homes, company’s representatives used an in-store activation to bring life to the products.

This way, on 8-9 and 15-16 September, IKEA transformed into a living room, a bedroom or kitchen where a young couple played short theater scenes for couple hours. The clients of the store were first surprised, than amused and, in the end, they followed the example and started feeling at home in all IKEA product presentation areas.

This in-store activation  follows the launch of the new IKEA catalog, that includes a lot of novelties, products, solutions and, not in the end, inspiration. The structure of the catalog was also modified, so it would match to any person that has a home, no matter its dimensions or number of rooms. The catalog is now organized on activities one can make at home: Find easy, Sleep well, Cook with pleasure, Have a nice meal, Enjoy your work, Leave worries aside.

What happened at IKEA during the 2 mentioned week-ends is visible in the following photo gallery: