Romanian Tourism Ministry changes the promotion vision for Romania’s national brand

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Two years after the development of Romania’s tourism brand sparked heated discussions & debates¬†and after some money were invested to promote the plan agreed upon back than, changes are yet to come.

Romanian Regional Development and Tourism Ministry (MDRT), now with a different minister leading it, decided to modify the way the country brand is promoted and switch from a promotion based on events to promotion based on touristic services offered by the profile industry.

According to a press info published on MDRT’s website, one of the 1st modification will refer to promoting, under Romania’s brand umbrella, of the special offers campaigns proposed by tourism operators.

The decision was agreed within the Consultative Tourism Council, with the 1st campaign that might use the new promotion strategy likely to be “Holiday in my country”. Other programs were also proposed to enter the same package.

It is a needed change of approach if we want to make efficient spending those money for Romania’s touristic promotion. The¬†philosophy of brand promotion must target towards supporting touristic services operators that are active on the market. Practically, through this approach, we bet on the direct impact within tourism industry and not on the indirect one, like it was until now and active by supporting some events

Eduard Hellvig.

Tourism Minister