Shakespeare School, rebranded by Storience


Newly launched branding agency Storience finalized the rebranding and the new website for the English learning center  Shakespeare School.

Shakespeare School marked, through the rebranding, 10 years since founded, a symbolic step in maturation for entrepreneurial companies.

We felt the need for a rebranding because the old image wasn’t representing us anymore (…) In 10 years, we grew from 200 to 1,400 pupils, we have now 3 centers in Bucharest and we wanted to give as much attention to our image. Storience managed to understand and bring to live the things that differentiate us in the new visual identity, the new slogan and our new website

Adriana Alionte

Founding director Shakespeare School.

The new visual identity uses and simplifies 2 elements used in the old brand identity, the shield and the English rose, a heraldic symbol that speaks about “englishness”. The English rose is already present in the interior ornaments of the central headquarters of the school, and the color chosen for the new school identity reminds of the color of the 1st center opened by Shakespeare School.

We discovered in Shakespeare School an unusual combination of innovation and traditionalism. We think we managed to surprise that pretty well within the new identity and slogan, taken over elements from the old image and from the ambience of the school and transposing them into a modern design, matching the age of the young ages Shakespeare School brand is talking to

Adriana Liute

Managing Partner Storience.

Through the new – “English with character” – Shakespeare School speaks about human values its pupils learn from their English teachers.

The old slogan – Different English language – didn’t explained exactly what was the differentiation of Shakespeare School. Different can be interpreted in many ways, including in a negative manner. The new slogan calls things on their name and make it in an unique way, in the competition picture of Shakespeare School

Stefan Liute

Strategy Director Storience.

When it comes of the new website, Storience focused on organizing the info in such a manner that it will serve in an optimal way the target publics: kids, adolescents, youth, parents and teachers. Photos on the website star pupils of the school and the brand allocated to each brand a color to match all communication materials.

Storience team involved in the project included

  • Creative direction and verbal identity (slogan): Adriana and Stefan Liute
  • Identity and web design: Dan Dulau
  • Web development: Stefan Gugurel and Doru Sana
  • Web copywriting: Elena Patru, Stefan Liute, Adriana Liute
Storience is a Romanian branding agency that build coherent and captivating brands, same way as good stories are, and helps them to express themselves in traditional and digital communication channels. Founded on July 1st 2012 by Adriana & Stefan Liyte, Storience has now 12 clients from sectors such as healthcare, professional services, building materials, FMCG, e-commerce, hospitality and NGOs.