Lowe & Partners and MedicOne founded Anonimus Burns Association (AAA)


Panacid, a new medicine from Terapia Ranbaxy portfolio, was launched through a campaign launched by Lowe&Partners and Medic One. The medicine, an OTC, is for all those that have reflux problems, exacerbated by stress, fatigue or different alimentary combinations.

The campaign started from the insight that, in general, the people with this kind of symptoms prefer to keep this problem hidden and don’t give the needed importance through treatment. As an answer, Lowe&Partners founded AAA, that aims to change this comportment and encourage the conscientiousness and communication of gastric burns caused problems.

People from Lowe found a relevant approach in Pacid lauch, presenting it as an efficient and lasting solution for a problem oftentimes found today, the gastric burns. AAA proved to be a perfect place for all those that meet this affection: different personalities, surprised in unpleasant situations, but that find a simple solution

Oana Voinescu

Product Manager Terapia Ranbaxy.

Our intention was, even from the start, to find a fresh idea in a category, medical one, that is characterized by prudence many times. Associations are often perceived as small communities built around a common problem where mistery and fraternity are reigning. Between the people in those association some indestructible relationships are born. We approached the idea of an association in a relaxed and humoristic manner, and we bet on characters’ force and the tension created between expectations and the result. The story was put together in a very realist movie by the director Dragos Buliga

Oana Serban

Group Account Director, Lowe&Partners.

The campaign is communicated via TV ad and will continue with materials for doctors and pharmacies, but also online.

The teams involved are:

  • Terapia Ranbaxy:  Oana Voinescu, Product Manager
  • Lowe&Partners and Medic One: Alexandru Micu – Senior Art director, Ana Maria Vasilache si Luisa Leizeriuc – copywriter, Oana Şerban – Group Account Director, Răzvan Dumitrescu – strategy director, Alexandru Duma – AV Producer.
  • Production House – Domino, with Dragos Buliga – director