Kaleidoscope Proximity invites Romanians to learn to check-out

Digital & Media, Social Media

Kaleidoscope Proximity worked with Romanian Foreign Ministry to a campaign related to Romania’s ascension to US’s Visa Waiver Program, which would be possible if the applicants’ refusal rate reaches to just 3%.

Romanian Foreign Ministry, together with US Embassy in Romania, decided to reach to Romanian citizens with the non-immigrant visa application procedures for the 3rd year in the row.

The campaign aimed to create a communication tool to help decrease the visa refusal rate and, different from the previous years, to prevent overstay in US and remind the applicants their stay in United States is just temporary.

Kaleidoscope Proximity had to come, for this campaign, with an innovative digital idea to explain to social media audience interested in travelling to US the need to careful prepare the application so they and others can have the chance to travel in this country.

To answer the challenge, Kaleidoscope Proximity made a research that showed that, worldwide, the highest number of check-ins on Facebook is given from airports, which also represent a hub campaign’s target uses when travelling to US. The agency reached to the public with a tool to remind the travelers that they need to come back home and also invented a Check-out button.

Check-out USA, Check-In Romania” is an interactive FB app that, once the user accesses, is invited to travel and discover america with Google Street View, check-in in different places and so on. The stay in the virtual FB USA is allowed for just 2 minutes; when someone doesn’t check-out before the time expires, the app blocks automatically and informs him/her that he/she needs to check-out from USA when the time expires. Also, the only way out of the app is the Check-Out button.

The agency’s team working on the project included:

  • Creative Director: Cristian Pantazi
  • Client Service Director: Miruna Ocnarescu
  • Art Director: Csaba Nacu
  • Copywriter: Andreea Strachina
  • Account Manager: Alexandru Cofaru