Exsmokers iCoach, available as a mobile App


iCoach, evidence-based, quit smoking tool, an integrated part of the European Commission’s “Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign is now available for free to smokers and ex-smokers alike as a mobile application (or App).

The free App is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded in the App stores starting September 18th.

The App features daily tips, a quit smoking diary, progress tests and a library of useful health information. The new App will offer new and existing users ease of access to this valuable digital/mobile health coach while they are on the move.

Further new features of the App include a location tool, based on geolocalisation technologies allows users to turn their smoking spots into “smoke free” locations, and a “panic button”, that offers an immediate quit smoking tip when it’s needed most to support users to overcome the urge to smoke.

iCoach is a free mobile health coaching platform available in 22 official EU languages that helps individuals stop smoking. This process of behavioral change in a mobile environment is based on pioneering research, practical clinical experience, and the expertise of psychologists and communication experts. iCoach has demonstrated early success with 40% of registered users surveyed describing themselves as ex-smokers after just three months (according to data available in August 2012)