Increased corporate events demand for Godmother in 2012

Business, Events, Marketing

Godmother receives an increased number of demands for corporate events this year, as a result of its unique approach and obtained results. Moreover, the agency reported for this year that it registered growth in all sectors, including BTL.

According to agency’s representatives, for the end of 2012, the demands for corporate events increased by over 25%, most of them aiming to loyalize, no matter it is about internal or external events organized by companies .

The most frequent demand we receive when it comes of events is to have them interactive and this makes us happy, because it matches the way we see the approach of such a moment. A successful event, from our perspective, must have 3 components: a concept built around a company’s attribute, involvement of each of the participants with them becoming part of the story and relaxation, so everyone – including the hosts – can enjoy the atmosphere and the prepared moments

Valentin Vacarus,

Managing Director Godmother

When it comes of events’ type, agency’s representatives say that, in 2012, there was a trend among companies towards trainings, fairs and exhibitions, without forgetting the events with tradition, such as conferences and services or product launches, caravans, corporate anniversaries and parties for the end of the year.

For the end of the year,¬†Godmother estimates that the main growth vector for BTL services will be the year’s end parties, but without extravagance or excess .