Romanian Bureau for Circulation Audit has a new website


Romanian Bureau for Circulation Audit (BRAT) launched a new website that brings together in one place all BRAT studies and offers access to more of their results.

The website allows public to access the most recent results of BRAT studies – circulation audit, SNA, SATI and MIP, with BRAT members having access, through the platform and based on secured access, to studies historical results.

Also, when it comes of publication, BRAT’s website offers circulation numbers and a tool to compare the numbers, together with ad fees for titles owned by BRAT members.

SATI offers info on global traffic but also traffic from Romanian IPs, number of daily unique visitors on SATI measured websites and many others. The results for website can also be compared through a special tool offered by SATI.

The web solution of the new website is offered by TreeWorks.