8team – optimization of campaigns, from Leo Burnett Group Romania

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Leo Burnett Group Romania continues its online investments and launches a new company, 8team,though which it consolidates on long term group’s strategy in digital.

8team is specialized in digital campaign optimization to generate online conversions; the new company aims to maximize the efficiency of online media investments for group’s clients and insure long term profitability.

8team launch on Romanian market fits perfectly the long term strategy of Leo Burnett Group Romania. Considering digital’s penetration in business and people’s daily lives, the decision to put together a team of specialists dedicated to maximizing the potential of this medium comes as a normal step

Stefan Iordache

COO Leo Burnett Group.

Among the 1st active on Romanian market, 8team is a division of experts dedicated to optimizing the conversion process in digital. Optimization is the one that makes the difference between loosing online investments and accumulation of profit in a systematic way. Focused on conversion rate optimization (CRO), 8team services are targeting mainly those companies that aim to maximize sales, but also other marketing objectives such as lead generation, user engagement, traffic or loyalization.

The idea of this division is the way we want to answer challenges that many companies are facing and that didn’t yet find in online a profit source and either the predictability dose of this environment. This way, we offer to our clients services that solve real business problems

Cosmin Nastasa

Managing Partner 8team.

8Team will be coordinated by Cosmin Nastasa and Silviu Toma, each of them with over 7 years of experience in online campaigns, together with Deniz Coaca, with expertize in direct marketing and online performance marketing. Among 8team experts is also  Cristian Ignat, known AdWords optimization specialist.