How to make a new place look like home: different styles, the same small budget and IKEA

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IKEA Romania launched, in August, the “IKEA appartment” experiment, in which were involved 4 bloggers and which showed how easy, fast and little money are needed to make a new and semi-empty place look and feel like home.

As it was handed to the bloggers involved in the experiment, the appartment had nothing out of the ordinary: built in a building from the ’80s, in the very center of Bucharest, with a total surface of 70 square meters, 2 rooms, one kitchen, a hall and a bathroom.

The mission of the bloggers was to give a new air to the house and to adapt to their personality, with products from IKEA worth top RON 2,500. They have as tools to help them the IKEA 2013 catalog and one week to make all changes. Helped by textiles, carpets, plants, paintings, lights and, generally, IKEA accessories, the 4 manage fulfill their mission.

The bloggers that were involved in the experiment aren’t specialized in interior design and their only similar experience was to decorate their own homes.  The proves related to the way each of them transformed the apartment are visible on their blogs (Andressa, Augustin RaduCristina BazavanCristina Mazilu) and in the gallery below.