KLM Travel Predictions, to be available also in Romania and 10 other new markets

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KLM, that ran successfully campaigns such as KLM Surprise, KLM Tile & Inspire or KLM Meet & Seat, launches the new version of Travel Predictions app, with a new design, new integrated functions and a lot of info.

The app, that was successfully tested in 12 countries (US, UK, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Norway, Swede, Denmark, Finland and Italy) since April, will be launched in Romania and 10 other new markets such as Brasil, Canada, South Africa, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

KLM Travel Predictions functions on a simple mechanism: following analyzing one’s activity on Facebook, it can suggest places to travel that that person would like and didn’t previously know about. This way, KLM offers original and customized travel suggestions, based on personal details and hobbies of Facebook users. Suggestions are based on thousand of events that take place all over the world.

We want to continue our involvement in social media and even surpass the successes we previously had with past KLM campaigns. The key for success in social media is to have a well define purpose and to be dedicated to the client. From now on, we will be able to offer Facebook users a customized experience of travel planning via KLM Travel Predictions

Alexandru Dobrescu

Country Manager Air France KLM Romania.

The app can be accessed also on its dedicated website

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