Trilulilu launched Zonga through a special partnership with Vodafone

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Trilulilu launched Zonga, the biggest online music collection in Romania, with a partnership with Vodafone.

Zonga offers instant access to over 16M official songs of Romanian and international artists, from mobile or computer.

Vodafone clients benefit of free mobile traffic within the app and 3 months during which they can test Zonga with no cost.

Vodafone became minority shareholder in Trilulilu Music, once with the commercial launch of Zonga.

Trilulilu and Vodafone launched Zonga that, starting October 24th, is available for Romanian smartphone users, no matter the mobile network they are in.

We’re happy to support a new Romanian brand, that has serious chances to become the favorite app of Romanians that love music and, in the same time, that use smartphones (…) For us, it is very important that we support a local business and that a big part of the revenues from subscriptions will be directed towards artists and music studios, supporting this way the Romanian musical industry

Mihai Ghyka

Chief Commercial Officer, Consumer Business Unit, Vodafone Romania.

We created Zonga from the desire to offer all Romanians the perfect experience through which they can enjoy their favorite music and artists, no matter when and where they are. We are fulfilling today a 1st objective, starting with a catalog of over 16M official songs that can be listened instantaneously, without download, directly on computer or on mobile. We think Zonga will change the way Romanians are listening to the music and we are happy that we have on board a powerful and innovative partner as Vodafone Romania

Sergiu Biris

Executive Director Trilulilu Music.

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