Romanians, present with 1.3M clips on YouTube

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Romanians are active on YouTube and, according to Zelist Monitor, over 1.28M clips were uploaded by them on the video platform. Moreover, only in 2012, Romanian uploaded 500,000 videos on YouTube.

According to ZeList Monitor and, among the 116 Romanian YouTube users that posted over 1,000 videos on the website, MontanTV holds the record, with 11,000 uploaded videos. Also, there are 530 Romanians with 251-1,000 uploaded videos, 3,375 with 51-250 videos uploaded, 12,807 with 11-50 clips on YouTube, 9,164 with 6-10 clips up on the platform and 35,103 with 1-5 videos posted.

According to Zelist Monitor, 250,000 Romanians are active on YouTube, with at last 1 comment posted or one video uploaded.

During the last 3 years, the number of videos posted by Romanians on YouTube increased significantly, from 200,402 in 2010 to 345,758 in 2011 and 489,331 until now in 2012.