Ogilvy signs the communication campaign for Ford B-Max in Romania

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Ogilvy Romania created the communication campaign for Ford B-Max, after car’s launch in Romania.

The idea of promoting the product – an ingenious, sports, compact car, with technologies previously available only for C or D class cars – started from consumers’ profile. Car’s target is defined more by psycho-graphic features and not demographic criteria. This way, B-Max targets people that are open to new, optimistic and independent, spontaneous, daring and relaxed in the same time, that do not feel the need to amaze and look for quality and “different” things to feel comfortable with.

The campaign for B-Max uses as its image the Romanian music composer Marius Moga. Moga’s personality matches perfectly brand’s values and the idea to promote car’s launch within one of the most successful TV shows in Romania – Romania’s Voice – came naturally.

The partnership with Romania’s Voice was developed by MindShare Media and includes sponsor’s moments that are broadcasted during each of show’s editions, completed by graphic inserts and product placement. To create sponsor’s moments, a less conventional presentation was employed, by creating 2 scripts that illustrate the main features of the car and that were transformed, afterwards, in TV ads.

Talking to Marius Moga, we realized that the public needs to understand that B-Max is produced in Romania and that is why the ads we made together start from situations Romanians are somewhat accustomed with. Common things, familiar ones, for which B-Max has its own answer

Cristian Simion

Group Creative Director Ogilvy&Mather.

B-Max campaign will run on TV, online and print. The presentation of the new ingenious car from Ford is supported by Marius Moga in a double role: member in Romania’s Voice jury and main character in the 2 ads for Ford B-Max, specially filmed for the show. The 2 TV ads have soundtracks created by Moga.

The viewers can prolong their musical experience also online, testing their vocal abilities and sing to their friends via a b-Max app available on Romania’s Voice Facebook page, with the best recordings to be awarded by Ford.


Ford Romania: Cristina Florea –  Media & Communication Analyst, Cristian Prichea – Brand Manager, Valerio Brenciaglia – Marketing Manager, Zoltan Brassai – Managing Director

Ogilvy: Albert Nica, Cristian Simion, Cristian Dita, Mona-Lisa Caravaniez, Andreea Dirzeanu

MindShare Media: Andreea Radu and  Oana Petroff.

The ads were directed by Iulian Moga and produced by MediaPro Magic