Digital Star and Starcom came up with an innovative coffee invitation, for Jacobs Kronung Romania

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Romanian interactive agency Digital Star and Romanian media agency Starcom (both part of Leo Burnett group) developed a special Facebook app, developed for the official launch of Jacobs Kronung Romania official Facebook page. Starting from the desire to offer to users another type of experience aligned with Jacobs Kronung’s spirit (a brand owned by Kraft Foods Romania, part of Mondelez International) and based on stories and emotions associated with each cup of coffee drank together with loved ones, the 2 agencies launched An original invitation for a coffee, made via a personal messenger.

We are lucky to have in portfolio such a memorable brand. Jacobs Kronung is a cup of steamy coffee that wakes you up softly in the morning and promises a beautiful day. It is the Alintaroma that lures you and makes you stop for couple minutes and leave the words come naturally. Between you and the few friends close to your soul. Just you. Just a few minutes

Ana-Maria Stan

Assistant Brand Manager Coffee

The app consists in a musical coffee invitation in which the messenger is Horia Brenciu, known for his effervescent personality and positive spirit. The association with his image, that matches Jacobs brand values, makes the message even more special and more authentic. The app includes 3 different types of invitations: for one’s better half, for somebody dear and for a friend, each sent in an unique way by Horia Brenciu and his band.

The coffee, beyond the functional benefits, is an emotional barometer of inter-human relationships. More than that, the invitation to coffee itself has a special meaning. It is a reason to be close to someone dear, a pretext to see again someone special or to remind one person that you’re thinking about her/him

Andreea Lupu,

BrandComm Kraft Brands Starcom MediaVest.

In its 3 weeks since launch, the number of fans on Jacobs Kronung Romania’s Facebook page reached to 50,000, with over 1,500 liking the page daily and over 20,000 sending coffee invitations.

The teams involved in realizing the Facebook app are:

  • Digital Star: Alexandru Nicolescu, Dan Lupascu and Laurentiu Dumitrescu
  • Starcom: Andreea Lupu, Cezar Paraschiv and Silviu Toma
  • Kraft Foods Romania: Ana-Maria Stan and Raluca Velcu.