“The pulse of a new generation” – a Mercedes road show in 5 Romanian towns, with media support from GolinHarris

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Mercedes-Benz organized a road show to present its new A Class cars in 5 Romanian towns. The new cars were introduced in Romania in September, with the launch campaign “The pulse of a new generation”, that was supported by GolinHarris in what concerns the media communication activities.

On the media relations side, GolinHarris invited journalists in Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Bucuresti and Constanta to take part to events organized especially for them by Mercedes-Benz Romania.

The communication campaign developed by GolinHarris targeted both the representatives of the local and central press, bloggers and partners. Initially, the campaign included a teasing stage, during which journalists received anonymous invites to Autumn’s event. After a week that offered more small clues, GolinHarris came with the reveling: the road show organized by Mercedes-Benz.

During the press event, Mercedes-Benz invited journalists to have a complete interaction with the new A models – Style, Urban and AMGSport.

What makes us especially happy is the fact that, for the press events, we could tell the story of the new A Classe in an authentic way, customized and of impact, as a strong brand like Mercedes-Benz deserves. Moreover, we were able to communicate based on a very well organized road show, that allowed us to think a creative promotion strategy. The reactions (…) were doubled by articles and buzz generated on all channels

Alina Popa

Senior Manager Consumer Division GolinHarris.