UAPR appreciates Romanian Government decision on Audiovisual Law’s modification

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Romanian Advertising Agencies Association (UAPR) expressed its appreciation over Romanian Government’s decision to give up the emergency character for the draft seeking to modify Romanian Audiovisual Law and stated one more time its availability to actively take part to dialogue and consultations related to law’s modification.

UAPR appreciates the open attitude Romanian Government showed in media over the Audiovisual Law modification. Considering the principle of constructive dialogue, in full transparency and in accordance with the international stipulations in this matter, UAPR continues to be open and interested to participate actively in discussions and debates related to a modification of the law, in the sense of its alignment to European norms, but respecting the principles of competition and competitiveness in audiovisual media services market

Radu Florescu,

CEO Centrade Saatchi & Saatchi

President UAPR

UAPR also hopes in a real debate, with all the relevant actors involved, including the EU organisms.

This law should be approved following a Parliamentary debate, in a transparent manner. Representative European institutions expressed the desire to participate to this debate

Radu Florescu.

Also, UAPR promises to contribute with examples and case studies related to audiovisual legislation applied in other EU member states.

Recently, UAPR demanded Romanian Government to withdraw the project to approve Audiovisual Law’s modification through Emergency Ordinance, saying it infringes the economic liberty principles, with negative effects over the environment all economic actors from audiovisual media services market are running their activities in. Also, EACA reacted in a letter to Romanian Government’s draft Emergency Ordinance aimed to modify the Audiovisual Law, calling for “a proper consultation process with respect to this important question and to ensure that the interests of all relevant stakeholders are taken into account”.