Trend Communication launched an awareness campaign to stress the importance of voting during upcoming Romanian elections

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Trend Communication launched an awareness campaign – “Don’t vote!…” – to stress the importance of voting during upcoming Romanian elections. The campaign aims to be an alarm signal among passive electorate, characterized through pessimism and skepticism, regarding the options offered during the last period by Romanian politics.

Hoping to activate the electors, the agency started a campaign that aims to promote correct information and presence at vote and bets on a series of visuals that illustrate the negative elements of Romanian politics: vain promises, nepotism, low educated active electors, electoral bribes and bought votes.

The arguments such as the right to vote must be used because this is the only way we can legitimately criticize the elected politicians, that in the close past people died to regain this right or that it is the only way to get involved in the public life were overused, so they become cliches. But there is also another argument, more simple and more pragmatic, to which we should reflect: the absence of the vote opens ways to easier fraud methods, that can determine the results that are against majority’s desire, including by detouring our own vote, without us ever finding that

Adrian Demian-Groza

Political Marketing Specialist,  Trend Communication

The campaign uses a communication mix that includes online press and social media – channels of choice used by young and passive electorate and media channels belonging to high education centers. The campaign runs between November 26th – December 9th.

Trend Communication is a full service PR and advertising agency, with activities in Romania and Republic of Moldavia (since 2004) .

Team working on the campaign:

Art Director: Razvan Nicu

Copy: Razvan Cinar-Jiga

Political Marketing Specialist: Adrian Demian-Groza

Project Manager: Stefana Giurgiu

Creative Director: Horia Bogdan