Lowe&Partners and Staropramen unleashed Prague’s spirit in Romania, with SoundCzech festival

Creativity, Events, Marketing

Staropramen unleashed Prague’s spirit in Romania, with the SoundCzech festival, a series of 10 Czech contemporary music concerts, organized together with Czech Center in 3 Romanian towns. During the festival, Lowe&Partners made a digital app for all Staropramen consumers, offering them the possibility to unleash their own musical orchestra, that had as members bottles, cans and PETs.

“Staropramen beer and music go hand in hand. No matter it  inspires one to listen to Czech music or to create it, Staropramen offers exactly what you need. This beer targets spontaneous people, that continuously want to try new experiences”, Bergenbier representatives said.

For a month, in jazz and electronic music sounds, Staropramen consumers were invited to create their own songs, with beer recipients’ help. Lowe&Partners developed an interactive digital app reproduces the sound of typical music orchestra from Prague. Stepping on a sensitive surface situated in from of each musical “key” (bottle, can, PET), Staropramen consumers could create their own songs. The most talented 20 composers were awarded for their inspiration and received an unique item: a “singing” bottle that was reproducing a mix of their compositions.

Apart from products themselves, consumers want experiences. Sensorial Orchestra, as we named the app, offers an innovative way to interact with the brand, one that makes wonders for the spirit state. All those who were present to event became composers for a day, directing a beer glasses and bottles orchestra. All they need to do was to jump on the markers on the floor and the beer bottles were transforming in musical sounds, releasing Prague’s spirit, that represents, in fact, the essence of Staropramen beer

Alexandra Andone,

Senior Account Manager, Lowe&Partners.