Petrom, together with Graffiti Romania, launched a new communication campaign

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Petrom, together with Romanian Graffiti BBDO Group and Webstyler, launched a new communication campaign – “Tara lui Andrei (n.r. Andrei’s Country) – a better country every day”. The campaign includes the online relaunch of, the most important CSR online platform. In the new version, it includes programs that support social entrepreneurship.

The new communication campaign and new direction of the programs were developed by BBDO Group Romania, through Graffiti PR and Graffiti BBDO, while the new online platform was developed by Webstyler.

We rethought Tara lui Andrei as a big community oriented towards solution that would generate value on long term. We will encourage both individual initiatives and initiatives coming from organizations that create economic value for communities, but that address also social problems. We strongly believe that, by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit integrated with a community approach, we will manage to make Romania a better country…every day

Mona Nicolici

Head of Community  Relations and Social Affairs Petrom

The new orientation of Andrei’s Country is supported both through a communication campaign and a rethought online platform.

In 3 years, Andrei’s Country became the strongest CSR platform in Romania. The binder of this community weren’t projects’ causes, but the principles the citizens in Andrei’s country can rediscover themselves in. There are people that show their own values with action, not declamations. There are people that do not think social responsibility always belong to someone else, because they see things exactly where they happen, within the community, not on TV. This is why we wished now, both in the communication campaign and in Andrei’s Country center, to put all those people and their values, as a source of inspiration for Romania. Because their stubbornness to get involved in community is the engine that can make this country better, every day

Mircea Tomescu

Managing Director al Graffiti PR.

To show the fact that, each of us, no matter the age, can be “Andrei”, a responsible citizen that, together with the ones around them, tries to create a better country every day, the TV ad of the campaign has 3 versions. In each of them, Andrei’s Coutnry is presented by another voice: the voice of a child that barely discovers life and thinks to the future with hope, the voice of an adolescent that shapes his character and makes the first plans for the future, and the voice of an adult. Each voice speaks of the fact that getting involved doesn’t depend on age and that everyone, no matter the age, can contribute with his actions to make a better country, every day. The TV campaign runs in November and December, than again in January 2013 . 

The online platform is a source of inspiration among the 100 initiatives transformed in reality by Andrei Country’s citizens. We will unveil to the tens of thousand supporters on the website the stories of the projects and their impact on the community and we will make them acquaintance with the people behind. We focused on images and documentaries that would reflect both the positive changes and the energy and enthusiasm of the ones that bring the stories further. This way, we are supporting and raise the community of action people in Andrei’s Country and we give them the opportunity to share their experiences and enter ideas also in 2013’s competitions

Georgiana Cujba

Client Service Director, Webstyler.

The teams involved in this campaign are:

  • Petrom: Mona Nicolici (Head of Community  Relations and Social Affairs), Maria Besnea (Social Affairs Expert, Community Relations & Social Affairs), Alina Tudor (Team Leader Corporate Programs  – Community Relations & Social Affairs)
  • Graffiti BBDO: Octavian Toma  (Group Creative Director), Vlad Lazar (Group Creative Director), Liviu Isop (Head of Audio Video Production), Ioana Ghilerdea (Group Account Director);
  • Graffiti PR: Mircea Tomescu (Managing Director), Irina Ciocan Stanescu (PR Consultant), Bogdan Tomoiaga (Sr PR Consultant), Laura Toma (PR Consultant), Maria Galan (Jr PR Consultant), Paul Kasprovschi (Sr PR Consultant);
  • Webstyler: Horia Manolache (Creative Director), Laura Banica (Social Media Director), Georgiana Cujba (Client Service Director).


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