IKEA and Romanian artist make customized furniture


IKEA invited 3 artist to customize its furniture using colors, pencils, textiles, scissors and glue, an initiative that had as a result furniture with personality.

Andra Badea, Ana Romila and Ghica Popa are the 3 artists that gave a new story to Tarva chest of drawers. Those items were offered to 13 IKEA clients, following a draw.

According to Iqads, the artists were the art directors from Punct Advertising.

“Through this project we wanted to communicate in a special way IKEA’s yearly theme – that you can bring a new life to your home by refreshing old items instead of replacing them. The customized chests of drawers were offered as prizes in this campaign, following a draw. We were encouraged by the fact the items are presented in the store, where thousands of people see them every day. We let our imagination free and we started working. It took couple days of work, but it worth it, seeing the result”, mentions a post on Punct Advertising blog  (also via IqAds)