“Look who’s saving!” – the new Bancpost campaign signed by Lowe&Partners

Ads, Creativity

Lowe&Partners made the launch campaign for a new Bancpost product and, starting from product’s characteristics – Double Start deposit that offers double interest from the 1st month – , it developed it on “You got more from the very start” concept.

We started the way with a total new and special product, strongly differentiated – you get more from the start. We wished to send this message also with the creative approach. What if we offer more in a banking ad? When we heard the concept, we were sure we had a winner: a baby that says his first words when seeing a super-offer is something that cannot be ignored easily

Violeta Mogosanu


Campaign’s ad has as its main character a baby that is encouraged by his mum, dad and grandpa to say his first word. Under the disappointed eyes of the mature people, during 3 teasing episodes, the baby doesn’t bend to the pressure. After a few incertitude days, the main spot is launched: the baby is back in the spotlight and, this time, he says the first words which refer to Bancpost offer.

The idea was to make a kid that couldn’t say words longer than a syllabus to say an entire phrase and do so with intonation! The surprise-element is the fact that this is practically impossible! The compromises weren’t even considered, the ad had to be surprising. So we needed to stage the impossible. That translated in many hours of directing, post-production, overlaid images and a lot of patience. From legislation to the patience to entertain the kid on the filming set, the entire team – agency, client, director and technicians – combined their forces to make the baby talk

Raluca Popa,

Copywriter Lowe&Partners.

Together with TV communication, the campaign also runs in print, radio, online and inside Bancpost branches.

The team that worked on the campaign included:

  • Bancpost: Stefania Cristescu, Violeta Mogosanu, Andrei Birsan
  • Lowe&Partners: Raluca Popa – Copywriter; Dan Costea – Senior Art Director;  Ilinca Nanoveanu – AV producer; Ana Smultea – Senior Account Manager; Cristina Popovici – Account Manager