Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations and Money School – mentioned in Goodvertising by Thomas Kolsten


“Money School”, a campaign made by Romanian Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations for Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), was included in “Goodvertising”, a book written by Thomas Kolsten that presents 120 creative campaigns that change in a good way the destini of communities around the world. The campaigns were selected by the author from thousands of projects made and awarded internationally until 2011, with the selection made on different criteria, such as idea’s credibility, generated changes and power to inspire communication industry to answer the social needs people have in present.

Money School is the only Romanian campaign included in this book, considered a communication “Bible”. Other projects present in the book are  “Tap Project” (Droga 5), “The million project” (Droga 5), “Pepsi Refresh project” (TBWA / Chiat / Day Los Angeles), “Gatorade Replay” (TBWA / Chiat / Day Los Angeles) or “Tide Load of Hope” (Saatchi&Saatchi New York).

We are a team that believes that the results for our clients businesses come when the ideas bring positive changes in people’s lives. That is why it’s not just happened that we have clients that embrace with passion those ideas: the have the same professional credo as we do. Together, we were recompensed with results and many prizes during all those years. But to get in “a Bible of communication with social role”, together with the most admired names of international advertising, with a PR project selected from among thousands of Romanian and international awarded campaigns is, for sure, a record that beats any competition until now. To create a project offered to the world as an example in a book about the force of good is, I think, the most valuable trophy an agency and a client from Romania achieved until this day

Eliza Rogalski,

Co-Founder Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations.

Running between 2009-2011, Money School remains the most known Romanian financial education program, initiated to offer Romanians instruments and practical knowledge to manage financial resources during crisis period.

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