G2 Romania said “Better Yes” in a campaign for Asirom


Grey G2 Romania developed “Better Yes” campaign for Asirom, in which people are asked not to refrain from small pleasures and to let the insurance company take care of their worries.

Don’t touch. Don’t talk. Don’t get into the water. Don’t stay in the sun. Don’t run. Don’t step on the grass. Don’t climb. Don’t laugh. Don’t play – you get the picture. We’ve decided to use our typical over-protection in a playful campaign, that emphasizes the importance of YES

Mihaela Bourceanu,

G2 Account Director.

But how do you say a bunch of absurd NOs and still be funny? That’s easy – you don’t say them; you sing them. This is how the BetterNot choir came into being, as a composite character that invites you to be excessively careful. For the pitch presentation, we’ve put to value our marvelous karaoke voices – and we were glad to see that the Asirom Marketing Staff appreciate the sound of music

Mihai Fetcu,

G2 Creative Director.

“Better YES” is declined mainly online, on www.MaiBineDa.ro (BetterYes.ro) website, where users can see or hear all “better not” recommendations and interactively assemble funny personalized messages for their friends. There are 50 lyrics to choose from, covering all insurances and aspects of life.

“BetterYes”  has the potential to become a strong viral campaign. We like the daring approach and I’m glad we use this tone-of-voice in the dialogue with our customers. Personally, I can hardly wait to send personalized video messages and sms-es to my friends – and I certainly have a looong list

Mariana Diaconescu

Asirom President


  • G2 Romania: Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Radu Constantinescu (Senior Copywriter) , Arpad Fekete (Senior Art Director), Bogdan Teodorescu (Digital Art Director), Monica Stefanescu (Junior Copywriter), Alina Buzatu (Head of Planning), Cristina Ungureanu (Communications Planner), Mihaela Bourceanu (Account Director), Ionelia Craciun (Account Executive), Cristina Birleanu (Digital Client Service Director), Florin Buca (Digital Account Manager), Doru Persinaru (Digital Planner). Dana Pascu (Senior Digital Planner).
  • Asirom: Iulian Dumitru  (Marketing Manager), Catalina Ciorei (Online Brand Communication Specialist & PR Assistant), Melita Dima (Specialty Expert), Andrei Stanicel (Specialty Advisor).