Daedalus Millward Brown: 87.4% Romanians offer holidays gifts

Marketing, Studies

A study made by Daedalus Millward Brown shows that 87.4% Romanians living in urban areas are offering holidays gifts to their loved ones.

The study, made in December (3-12), analyzed Romanians’ conduct when it comes of gifts offered on holidays. Most of urban living Romanians are choosing to offer presents to relatives, but also to friends and colleagues, offering gifts, on average, to 2 to 5 people.

Also, similar with last year, the clothes and sweets remain essential elements on the gifts list, along with toys, cosmetics and perfumes or deco products.

Over 50% of people living in urban areas decide on the spot what presents to buy, without planning. On the other hand, 42.2% have a list with potential presents. The favorite places to buy holidays presents are supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls or neighborhood stores.

Almost 20% of Romanians spend RON 101-200 (Euro 30-50) for presents, 14% spend between RON 400-500 (@Euro 100) and 14% spend over RON 1,000 (@Euro 250)