Case Study: Propaganda and Penes Curcanul, together for a healthy and tasty lifestyle

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Propaganda and its client, Galli Gallo, made a campaign that ran in November and December 2012 for the Penes Curcanul brand.

The campaign aimed to dismantle the myths related to meat products present in stores (not being natural, being injected, having hormones and so on) and to seize the trend on healthy eating and living. Starting from this context, Propaganda had to make an image campaign for Penes turkey meat, of superior quality, with no E-s or other additives and with lot of benefits for the body.

The objective set by the client was increasing awareness for Penes Curcanul and underlining the rational benefits of the product: less fat meat, more nutrients.

We started from the consumer, from its way of being, from the choices he makes. Lately, more and more often, the average Romanian asks more and more questions on how good it’s for his body the food he consumes every day. On the other hand, we tried to find out how the people are perceiving this food category. About meat, everybody knows it’s Romanian’s “favorite vegetable” and, no matter how much fats it includes, he will still not give up on the succulent taste that, in the end, is part of our DNA as a nation. Oh well, the turkey meets up both: it is a low fat meat, with a lot of benefits for the body, and it is, in the same time, a tasty meat. To make it short, the turkey meat from Penes is for a healthy diet that also meets a carnivore’s taste. Because a healthy diet doesn’t mean just fade food with fade taste

 Miriam Ivanescu

Account Manager Propaganda.

Although there were more executional options, the one that proved to be the correct and most adapted to TV one was chosen

We wanted to say very clear what we had to say and we came up with the idea of using a series of audio-visual specific elements nobody used before, at least from what we know: the warnings on a “healthy life”. And they became the perfect pretext to talk right about what we wanted to talk. We all want to have a healthy lifestyle but we know it’s harder than it sounds. But to eat turkey meat doesn’t involve a lot of difficulties. So we can start with that (…)

Vlad Tomei

Copywriter Propaganda.

The campaign ran on TV – 4 ads x 20 seconds each – and was supported in Social media, with a Facebook page, and with PR with a press event (Live Cooking Session) and through editorial projects in online and printed press, with support from the nutritionist  Anca Pantea Stoian.


  • Galli Gallo: Nicoleta Muntean – Marketing Director
  • Propaganda: Vlad Tomei & Andrei Dragota – Copywriters, Alex Macsoda – Art Director, Bogdan Moraru – Creative Director, Miriam Ivanescu – Account Manager, Diana Caracota – Strategic Planner, Svetlana Bulacu – Media Director, Andrei Tudorache – Media Planner, Marcela Moldovan – AV Producer, Radu Jude – director and Alex Sterian – DOP.