Next Advertising launched the campaign “Use the marked areas to cross the street” for Romanian Traffic Police

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Next Advertising launched the campaign “Use the marked areas to cross the street” for Romanian Traffic Police, using the stray dogs as an example of survival and an example of properly crossing the street: at green light, on marked places.

As the campaign shows, the stray dogs are so adapted for the town life that people should learn from them that surviving is possible only respecting the rules.

To raise awareness and make passers by acknowledge the risks when it comes of not respecting the traffic rules, Next Advertising and Traffic Police launched the new campaign, that presents, in the “Dogs” ad, images with stray dogs crossing the street while respecting the law.

The idea of the ad appeared as all the great ideas should appear, from real life. The stray dogs aren’t just a pain, as some believe, but also an example for the community. Although they have no schooling and they never put their paws on the Traffic laws, or, even more, don’t even distinguish colors, stray dogs can be seen sometimes in the town, crossing in the marked places or on green light. And than we thought: “If they can, everyone can”. Two years later, the TV ad was ready. All the characters and images are real. Nothing is fake, the scenes were filmed exactly as they were seen and /or surprised with mobile phones. Besides the joy to make an ad with “actors” so nice and funny, the statistics this campaign try to improve is as serious as it can get: most of the urban accidents is crossing the street without respecting the law and passers by represent more than 50% of people that die in traffic accidents

Semida Duriga

Group Creative Director Next Advertising.

“Dogs” ad was made pro-bono by Next Advertising and will be broadcasted as social campaign on Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, GSP TV, Euforia TV, Kanal D, România TV, OTV, Music Channel, Realitatea, Prima TV, Sport 1, Diva Universal, Zone Reality and Dolce.


  • Next Advertising: Semida Duriga – Strategy, copy, client service, Liviu David – art, director, DOP & editor Next, creative director, Floriana Scanteie – CSR communication & PR specialist, Ruxi Muntean – Media Director and Oana Radu – Media Manager
  • Reload Film: Sebastian Tudor – producer, Traian Ardac – executive producer, Vlad Cioban and Diana Ursu – camera and production, Oana Rapeanu – postproduction manager and Andi Dumitrescu – editor Reload
  • Romanian Traffic Police: Lucian Dinita, Costin Tatuc, Luminiţa Elena Ion
  • Special thanks to Constantin Stroescu, Amalia Constantinescu, Simona Stoica and Bogdan Chiriac

UPDATED (Feb 7th)

According to information published by, the ad got wide coverage, with 245 articles in international press and over 100 in Romanian press. Most published articles in international press are countries such as Iran, Japan, Brazil, China, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Venezuela and UAE.