Remarketing for Romanian blogosphere, from Webdigital and Standout

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Webdigital and Standout made together a campaign that focuses on remarketing tactics and, between November 20th – December 10th, 10 bloggers were involved in this project and used remarketing to loyalize their readers.

Remarketing allows showing some specific ads to users that visited at least once a certain website. This tactic aims to identify the relevant audience depending on user’s conduit and his interest for products, services or content category described on a certain page on the visited website.

The blogs that entered the campaign are,,,,,,, and

The purpose of the campaign was to increase blogs visibility among own readership. The banners of the campaign reached over 2.3M views and accumulated 5,800 clicks, which reminds that online marketing instruments are transparent and quantifiable.

The objectives of the campaign were fulfilled, blogs visibility increased, the readers that returned on blogs spent more time reading articles and visited more pages.

We managed to make popular this comportment segmentation method and message delivery towards a relevant audience through this project. In the same time, I am glad for the opening the bloggers community showed when it came of this campaign, that can fulfill concrete objectives and that can be developed with budgets starting from couple hundred euros. The campaign was a real success, gathered together good opinions and we learned also which are the objections that appear when those campaign run

Ionut Munteanu

Trainer & Senior PPC Specialist Webdigital.

Readers’ loyalization is a very important aspect for Romanian blogs, one that I would recommend to focus on in 2013 and remarketing is one of the instruments that they have at their reach for that

Ionut Oprea,

General Manager Standout

Webdigital is an online marketing agency that protect its clients investments in Pay per Click Marketing campaign, using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google partner websites. Specialized in PPC Marketing, the agency aims to see things differently in online and to offer all its clients the best instruments to promote their businesses.

Standout is the 1st agency dedicated to blogs, launched in 2007 to help companies start marketing activities on most known Romanian blogs and help building commercial blogs to be used as marketing instruments.