Media Direction and Niran Co will study together Romanians’ attitude towards luxury perfumes


Media Direction starts working for Niran Co this year and will develop projects that will use an approach focused on research. A first initiative is a research in urban areas that aims to identify consumers’ attitude towards buying and using luxury perfumes.

The research, made by¬†Media Direction and Exact Research & Consultancy (both part of BBDO Group Romania) will have 2 phases (qualitative and quantitative) and aim to get insights from the public. The qualitative stage is already over and offered info on Niran consumers’ lifestyle and attitude towards luxury perfumes.

Making this research came as a normal step in our efforts to continue the efficient development of the marketing activity. The need to analyze as detailed as possible the profile market and perfume consumers’ habits leaded to this study, for which we found the perfect ally in Media Direction. This is the 1st project of this kind we are running and, for sure, it is not going to remain an isolated case. To make performant marketing today, research is essential

CEO Niran Co. Products.

The research activities until now identified 4 consumption conduits related to luxury perfumes, that will be detailed in a new stage of the study.

Niran Co Products Romania is importer and distributor for a large range of luxury perfumes and cosmetics and has in portfolio brands such as Givenchy, Hermes, Prada, Nina Ricci , Versace, Valentino, Kenzo, Ferragamo, Richmond, Dsquared and others .