Gerovital Pure’s packaging, signed by Cocoon Group

Branding, Business

Cocoon Group, branding and design agency with activities in Central and Eastern Europe, made the packaging design for Gerovital Pure, a new soap range from Farmec S.A.

Cocoon Group had the mission to create a design in which to express the best new range’s benefits through the specific attributes for each of the products it includes, with respecting Gerovital’s brand specifics.

Gerovital Soap Final

We are at our 6th collaboration with Farmec in what concerns making a new cosmetics range and the positive results from the past recommended us. Following the success registered with the launch of the Gerovital H3 Evolution range, with the redesign for Gerovital Plant and Gerovital Sun ranges, it was normal to come with creative proposals also for the new soap range. For Gerovital Pure, we enjoyed the opportunity to work for a completely new brand extension. This is the 1st range of mousse-soaps without parabens in Romania and we consider that the utility and the innovative formula with natural ingredients will contribute to products’ market success

Simona Straut

Managing Director Cocoon Group Bucharest

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