Romanian start-up takes care of people’s keys

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Using an already successful business model from UK and US, newly launched¬†MyKey system delivers, in Bucharest, a set of spare keys, no matter it’s for home, office or car. The delivery is made non-stop.

The business idea came to solve a problem – a tenant that kept loosing his keys. Personal frustration made me look for a more intelligent solution then breaking in, but I discovered that, unfortunately, there’s no such service in Romania to help people when they got locked outside. Therefor, we decided to start an emergency service for people that lost or misplaced their keys

Irina Caraivan,

Managing Partener MyKey.

MyKey subscription’s price is 3 times smaller than breaking in and replacing the locking mechanism for an apartment door. For cars, the replacement costs can be even 10 times bigger

MyKey costs RON 150 per year (@ Euro 35 – n.r.) for house or car keys and RON 250 (Euro 57) for both. That means that, if you loose your keys once every 3-4 months, you still spend less. Moreover, the service is delivering you the key in a civilized and discreet manner, wherever you want, in a very short time

Irina Caraivan.

In what concerns the security measures,¬†MyKey doesn’t ever ask for subscriber’s address, deliveries are never made in front of the residence, but in a place agreed upon, the place the keys are deposited has non-stop monitoring and is mechanically and electronically secured, the subscriber stores its keys in a secured envelope, with an unique seal; moreover, for each delivery, there is a complex identification process, similar to banking ones.

When a client signs the contract and hands in the keys, he will be given an online account and a subscriber identification number.