Anca Budaru, Digital Manager GolinHarris Bucharest: Social Media in 2013

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In analysis published within 2013 Media Recap, an e-book recently release by Golin Harris Bucharest and Alex Ciuca, Anca Bundaru, Digital Manager GolinHarris Bucharest, is making an analysis on social media and how it’s gonna be on Romanian market in 2013.

anca bundaru

Bundaru says that „we have the chance to work in a perpetuum changing industry, that reinvents all the time and where there’s no success formulas available on long term”.

More than ever, today’s PR and Digital evolved together, intertwining naturally, with measurable results.

As the visual is the one to win, it’s not just happen for Romanians to start being conquered by Pinterest and Instagram. Starting with the design and ending with some original concepts, these networks offer a different perspective, winning the “surfers” that are looking for cool, artistic or brand things. To put it short, digital entertainment content, based on images.

Cold, technical communication, accompanied by a simple text only, is in the past!

If you managed to get a smile with an image, with a fresh copy, you only win! Evangelizing brand messages is easy to make, with original content.

Still, when we’re talking about socializing networks, we are talking about Facebook and everything else. But not for a long time

Brands be authentic and must also show offline that they are what they claim to be in online. You are communicating adventure, than you must surprise the consumer. You promise relaxation, than this is what people must get when they meet with your product. Only the brands that manage to achieve perfect synchronization between online and offline will succeed.

That is why you must invest in studying, researching and analyzing the online audience! Nothing helps more than to know where a brand’s consumers are online, what reactions they have, which are their preferences, what makes them get bored and so on. For example, don’t use Twitter if there are very little of brand’s consumers are there. You want to have a conversation, not a monologue!

The effervescence of digital has impact on the development rate of social media communities. This is translated through the visible transition from “good for all” communities to specialization and niche. The mentioned evolution is resented via the selective analysis of the audience, more and more educated, that tends not to be eager to consume personal opinions about everything.

2013 is the year during which social media activities will tone down, with Facebook being an exception to the rule, as it is permanently growing. It also can be noticed already a decreasing trend within blogosphere and Twitter, according to Zelist. The good news is that the quality of the content will increase!