DraftFCB signs a mobile app for Romanian MTR

Creativity, Marketing, Media, Mobile

DraftFCB Romania made a mobile app for Romanian National Villager’s Museum (MTR), aimed to invite museum’s fans to find out in real time its novelties and calendar of events. The app was launched on February 5th, when the museum celebrated 23 years since reopening for public.

The app is initially available only for terminals with iOS and can be downloaded for free from AppStore.

The idea for MTR’s app came naturally, we already liked MTR because MTR became also a cultural hub, even a hangout place. It is a museum that keeps up with the new mediums. Besides the virtual tour of the museum, MTR’s app comes to complete museum’s presence in digital

Andrei Mihailescu

Copywriter Draftfcb.

From app’s interface, customized with traditional Romanian models, the users can access two main sections, Museum and Events.

Considering MTR has a special effervescence, the app was made to allow iPhone users to be in touch with all the events organized at the museum, but it also serves as an info source for the people that didn’t yet visit the museum

Sorin Tofan

Art Director Draftfcb.

The app will be promoted with a media OOH and unconventional indoor campaign, to run from February until April. On campaign’s panels there will be displayed hand-made carpets with a model forming a QR code. The model will lead people that have iOS devices  in Appstore, to the place where the app can be downloaded, while the owner of other types of devices will be redirected towards a mobile page of the museum.


<<Made manually, explored digitally>> is the idea that represents the essence of the campaign developed for MTR – a mix between old and new that materializes as traditional carpets with models that form QR codes with links towards the app

Claudiu Dobrita

Creative Director Draftfcb.

Draftfcb’s team working on the project included Claudiu Dobrita (Creative Director), Catalin Rulea (Head of Art), Andrei Mihailescu (Copywriter), Adrian Rosu (Art Director), Sorin Tofan (Art Director), Valentin Milcoveanu (Prepress Layoutist), Cristian Erbasu (Graphic Designer), Marian Csosz (Senior Production Executive), Cristina Badea (Account Director), Flavia Marin (Account Manager), Laura Blebea (Account Executive) and Liliana Tiu (Media Manager).

DraftFCB has activities in Romania for over 15 years. Its portfolio includes clients such as Beiersdorf (NIVEA, Eucerin), Fashion House Outlet Centre, JTI (Camel, Glamour, Sobranie), Kika, Kraft Foods (Oreo, Tuc), Lavazza, Philips, Recolamp, SCA Hygene (Zewa),  Pazo, Vodafone, Penny Market and XXL Mega Discount (REWE), LEM’s.