Samsung to launch a campaign to support Soci 2014 Winter Olympics

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Samsung launches the support campaign for Soci 2014 Winter Olympics, marking this way the countdown until the official opening. Samsung is international partner of International Olympic Committee.

After the success of the London Olympics campaign, Samsung wants for its new campaign to become the most innovative from the entire Winter Olympic Games history. As part of “Olympics for all” strategy, Samsung plans to implement a series of initiatives through which to support Olympic Games. Samsung prepares for Winter Olympics “Samsung Team” – a program that will bring together talented athletes from the entire world, and “Public WOW” (Wireless Olympic Works) – a communication platform that will insure the operational success of the event. Besides those, the company will also continue its international program “Samsung Global Blogger”, during which the bloggers are invited to write about Olympic Games and events taking place around them.

Samsung’s global marketing campaign will also involve the best Russian athletes.

Samsung ambassador Maria Sharapova, that supported Soci as location for Winter Olympics, will also join the campaign. She will help promoting sports activities among large public and also will inspire people to watch Olympics.

Samsung supports the Olympics since 1988 edition, that took place in Seoul. Samsung became official partner of Olympics at international level, supporting the event with the wireless tech that offered to the organizers since 1997 .